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  • I have been running my home server for 18 months now (non stop) and I worry that one or both of 500 Gb sata drives might fail.
    What are the steps I need to make in order to transfer my home server onto 2 new 1 terabyte drives?
    Tuesday, July 21, 2009 6:04 PM


  • I'm assuming you can identify the drives in your server now...

    For the non-system drive, connect one of the new 1 TB drives, then use the Windows Home Server console to remove the non-system drive from the storage pool. This may take quite a while if the drive is close to full. Then shut your server down and disconnect the old 500 GB non-system drive.

    For the system drive, you should turn on duplication for all your shares, then wait for Drive Extender to complete a duplication pass to actually duplicate all files. After that, shut your server down, connect the new drive in place of the current system drive, and perform a server rinstallation (a sketchy walkthrough can be found here).

    I'm not on the WHS team, I just post a lot. :)
    Tuesday, July 21, 2009 7:31 PM