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  • Hi there,

    I would like to understand the effect of timezone rule record on already created record of UserSetting.

    Suppose, we have a user U1 belonging to timezone code say 65. When user was created, (say in 2006) that time, timezone RULE "r1" was in effect. So, in usersetting U1 record got created with timezonecode = 65 and all remaining (offset columns) values filled w.r.t. "R1".

    Please correct me, if this understanding is correct.

    Now, when 2010 came, R2 became effective for timezone code 65.

    My first basic question is - does user U1 record gets updated for with offset values belonging to R2?

    1. If yes, i.e. U1 gets updated with R2. So, now, dates in any record created in any entity say campaign which belong to period between 2006 to 2009 will now be read w.r.t. R2 but not R1. (WHICH I FEEL IS WRONG, if so please PLEASE EXPLAIN THE CORRECT BEHAVIOUR). Also, Dates greater than 2010 will also be read w.r.t. R2. (which is correct)

    2. If no, i.e. UI record does not get updated with R2. Now, if another user created in Feb-2010, which rule would be taken into consideration? R1 OR R2? I suspect R2. So, now there are 2 users belonging to same timezone code but with different rules (different values in offset columns). Is it ok to have 2 user with different Rules in single Timezone Code?

    My focus to talk about usersetting is because FilteredViews read usersetting rules but not timezonerule. Expected process should have been to hit timezone rule table via (usersetting to TimeZoneDefinition to TimeZoneRule) from FilteredCampaign. As reading rule from UserSettings does not question the rule in effect, it simply convert date in UTC to rule specified in UserSetting. It does not question the date that in which rule period does it lie. 

    The function that the filtered views use is  - fn_UTCToTzSpecificLocalTime. In my opinion it should have used fn_UTCToTzCodeSpecificLocalTime, as it takes date in UTC, timezone code and convert date into local time zone by applying proper "RULE". 

    Please help me to understand why FilteredView refer Usersetting but not timezonerule.

    Secondly, when form is rendered, to which it refers to read date - a) FilteredView, indirectly UserSetting or b) TimezoneRule with the help of fn_UTCToTzCodeSpecificLocalTime(i.e. some equivalent CRM code). 

    In case "b)", please justify why filtered views are asked to use while SSRS reporting. As this can result in mismatch in dates on UI and on report.

    In case "a)", then why concept TimeZoneRule when CRM itself uses FilteredViews, which indirectly hit UserSettings.

    Is the role of timezonerule only while creating user?

    Or also usersetting gets updated automatically when new rule is in effect. 

    Sole reason to go in such depth is to show correct date on SSRS report which is exactly same as on CRM Form UI. & to understand how timezone rule works.

    Thanks. Expecting a crystal clear explanation for timezone rule, usersetting and filteredview w.r.t. CRM form UI and SSRS report.

    Thursday, February 20, 2014 4:26 PM

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