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    Global OCS deployment.  Current AD environment consists of a single domain\forest (xyz.com) with multiple child domains:







    Domain xyz.com does NOT have any users configured for OCS for that SIP domain.  Each child domain has users configured for their associated SIP domain: ex. JDoe@us.xyz.com SIP domain is JDoe@us.xyz.com


    DNS can be configured appropriately for each region to allow JDoe@us.xyz.com to connect to the sip.us.xyz.com AE server. 


    The question is based on the above information what (if any) implications would we come across having multiple Access Edge egress points even if each AE server is only supporting the SIP domain for that users region?



    Monday, November 17, 2008 8:14 PM

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  • On paper this is not supported by Microsoft as the only supported EDGE topology in your case would be the Multiple-Site Edge Deployment which dictates that only 1 datacenter can have the access edge server while in the others you can only deploy the Web Conferencing and A/V edge servers.

    I agree that in your scenario it's not entirely the same as the documentation was written for a single SIP Domain in mind where it's not supported to provision multiple Access Edge servers for the same SRV record.

    On the other hand you would direct all your SIP traffic to a single (possible remote) site but still get your Web Conferencing and A/V traffic from the EDGE servers physically closer to you which is where you get the most benefit out of.

    Unless someone else can state this is supported I would run this by your Microsoft account manager and get a PSS Supportability review to see if they can support you in this design.

    Keep us posted as it's an interesting scenario...

    Tonino Bruno
    Monday, November 17, 2008 8:59 PM