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  • I have a Samsung Blackjack, and if the keypad is locked, eventually the screen turns off.  To unlock the keypad, the users have to push the power button first, and then enter the "left softkey, asterisk" sequence to unlock the keypad.  The need to push the power button makes this sequence difficult to do with one hand.  (Search any Blackjack user's forum and you'll find lots of complaints.)


    I think the unlock sequence should never require pressing the power button, regardless of whether the screen is on or not.  If the desire is to conserve battery power by not turning on the screen for accidental keypresses, then that's fine -- just allow users to enter the "left softkey, asterisk" sequence "blind," i.e. without turning on the screen.  The option to press the power button should be retained for users who need/want to see the unlock instructions on the screen, but advanced users should be able to unlock the device without seeing instructions on the screen.


    I don't know if this is an OS issue, or something specific to the Blackjack device itself. 


    I would welcome any solution to this, including a third-party application.  It seems it would be simple enough to create an app that blanks the screen and intercepts all keypresses until the unlock sequence is detected.

    Saturday, July 14, 2007 4:25 PM