Remote connection hangs RRS feed

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  • So, I'm able to access my WHS remotely, then choose to connect to the WHS Console.  After providing my pwd the famous grey screen comes up for a brief while, then the console screen appears.  I was able to open the server settings window, and then the whole window froze; no response to any mouse clicks, etc.  I've logged off, closed the browser, restarted my pc, even used Firefox (w/IE Tab) to connect.  No matter what, the server settings page comes back up but is frozen.  I've even left the console to the point at which it times out.

    How in the world do I reset this thing remotely, or access the console?  Needless to say I'm not thrilled with the fact that after all the hype about remote connectivity, the first time I truly NEED access the console froze due to my simply accessing it.... Apparently it's not going to release the connection at the server side since I've been trying for several hours.  Am I simply out of luck until I travel home and kick it onto its side?  (I might be able to get it across the street into the bay in one toss.... we'll see! :D  )
    Tuesday, July 7, 2009 10:34 PM