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    I'm sure the answers are in these discusssions somewhere; but I don't have the time to read until I find them.  I tried Help and it was incomplete. So here is my situation and hopefully, I'll get answers which are specific to my needs.


    I have 3 PCs:

    (A) Vista with printer attached

    (B) XP

    (C) Vista with printer attached


    All three are on my secured in-home wireless network and all three have WLOC licenses on them.


    PC (A) is the primary PC, should be the WLOC Hub and is backed up to an internet site.


    If possible, I want to set up (B) and (C) to back up file to (A). How?


    I assume that a printer must be turned on and connected to a PC before it can be used in the network and accessible from another PC.  What else must I do to make the 2 printers accessible from all 3 PCs?


    Thanks for your time!


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    Wednesday, December 3, 2008 4:04 PM


  • If PC (A) is the hub and is using OneCare backup, it isn't backing up to an Internet site - except if you have subscribed to Photo Backup in addition to the base OneCare subscription.

    If you wish to use Centralized backup on the Hub PC, setting it up to backup to a location on  PC (A), you should have an external USB drive attached to PC(A). You can, however, choose to use an unsupported workaround to backup to a Share created on the internal drive of PC(A). This post explains this workaround: http://forums.microsoft.com/WindowsOneCare/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=2582583&SiteID=2


    To configure Centralized Backup, from the Hub PC, click Change Settings in OneCare and then go to the Backup tab, Click change settings in the lower left and then click the "Backup Plan for all PCs"


    If you use a Share or an external drive, permissions must be set as follows (from OneCare Help):

    Set user permissions for a centralized backup device

    Before you can use an external hard disk or network share as a central backup device for all computers in your OneCare circle, you must make sure that all users on the network have the correct permissions to access it.

    By default, Windows XP uses simple file sharing. If the external hard drive is connected to a computer that's running Windows XP Home Edition, all users on the network automatically have permission to access the device and the backup files. However, if the external hard drive is connected to a computer that's running Windows XP Professional Edition or Windows Vista, simple file sharing is turned off when you create a backup plan that uses a centralized backup device.

    If you are using a network share as a backup device, you must grant permission for users to access the network share. When you grant permission, all users will have access to the backup files.

    To set user permissions for a centralized backup device:

    1. On the network share or external hard disk, navigate to (but do not open) the shared folder or drive that you want to set permissions for.
    2. Right-click the backup folder or drive, and then click Properties.
    3. In Windows XP Home Edition, on the Sharing tab, click Share this folder, and then click Permissions.
      In Windows XP Professional Edition or Windows Vista, on the
      Sharing tab, click Advanced Sharing. Click Share this folder, and then click Permissions.
    4. Under Group or user names, make sure that Everyone is selected.
    5. Under Permissions for Everyone, in the Allow column, select the Full Control check box.


    If all 3 computers are using the same OneCare LiveID and therefore part of the Circle, the printers attached to any of those PCs directly, should be offered by OneCare for printer sharing. There is one other limitation - if the PCs are not all running 32 bit operating systems, but a mix of Vista 64 bit and XP/Vista 32 bit, the printers can only be shared between the same level OS - 32 bit or 64 bit - using OneCare's printer sharing feature. On a PC that has an attached printer, open OneCare, click Change Settings and go to the Printer Sharing tab. Place a check mark next to Share printer... On the other PCs, go to the same tab and press the button to clear the printers offered and you'll be presented with the opportunity to use the printer that was shared. Alternatively, the printers can be shared vie Windows, ignoring this feature in OneCare. On a PC with an attached printer, go to Control Panel/Printers and share the printer. On a the other 2 computers, use the Add Printer function from Control Panel/Printers and select Network printer to see the available printer and install it. You may need the printer CD for a driver.

    If the printer does not appear after you've shared it, you may need to configure the OneCare firewall for sharing:


    Open OneCare on each of the computers.

    Click Change Settings

    On the firewall tab, click configure firewall

    If the network is shown as Public, click Change Location to change it to "Home or Work."

    Click the Advanced Settings button

    Click Network connections tab.

    If there are multiple active connections shown, you may need to disable the extras in your Windows network connections settings. (Network and Sharing Center, manage connections, in Vista; Right click My Network Places and select Properties on the Start menu in XP)

    On the Ports and Protocols tab, add a check mark next to File and Printer Sharing - for subnet and Internet if the first setting alone (after all of the above are verified) does not allow Sharing to work.

    If all of the above fail, please contact support.

    How to reach support (FAQ) - http://forums.microsoft.com/WindowsOneCare/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=2421771&SiteID=2



    Wednesday, December 3, 2008 5:02 PM