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  • Hello,

    I'm currently working with MSFT CRM Online 2011 and I'm trying to manipulate system views for "Phone Call Activities." 

    Here's a bit of background:

    The source of these phone call activities came from creating a marketing campaign which has marketing list attached to it.   The marketing list consist of contacts that have been imported into CRM.  (These are not leads)

    I've been able to create a campaign activity w/ "phone call" as the channel selection for distribution of the activity.

    Now I'm trying to customize the view under "activities" in the workplace section.  

    Here's the dilemma:

    When trying to edit/add columns in the customize view webpage dialog, I'm required to select a record type.  Remember this is a phone call activity so my record types are limited.   I'm trying to select a column selection under the record type that will display the (contact) company name and perhaps other contact information needed to sort my results when viewing the activities.   I've reviewed the record type "Phone Call" and it is to my understanding that the column selections are limited.  

    I've also reviewed the record type "Regarding (Contact)" and when adding the column "company name" it does not display any data in my results.


    1) Is it possible to customize/add to the column selection for a "Record Type" in the dialog box?   (w/ admin access) 

    2) Lastly, I'm a big advocate of working smarter, not harder.   If our inside sales reps wanted to track phone call activities from a single pane of glass, are there other options in CRM Online 2011 to accomplish this? 

    Any help or guidance is truly appreciated!!

    Tuesday, April 3, 2012 4:59 PM