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  • Hello - I'm trying to get a better understanding of price lists in CRM. Specifically, I'm working on a production issue where a user tries to send a quote and the quote view displays an error at the top of the quote: "The following error occurred: Missing Price List."

    The user reported this as an issue and I'm trying to figure out the best way to address this issue. If a user encounters this error then my first impression is that the user probably needs to associate a price list with the quote. 

    Does the concept of a "default" price list make sense for quotes?  If so then are there any special considerations around implementing this and how should this be implemented - ex - which level, what kind of technical implementation, etc?

    Also, how can I identify whether or not a price list has been associated with a quote?  I opened up a quote in the system and I didn't see any type of reference to a price list on the quote and I didn't see a section where a price list would be associated with the quote?

    Monday, February 4, 2013 8:57 PM


  • Price List is a required field on the standard quote form. Perhaps your form has been customized and the price list field has been moved to a hidden section.

    Most organizations that use quotes make extensive use of price lists because the prices for the products on the quote depend on the price list associated with the quote. You could use a workflow rule or JavaScript to set a default price list on all new quotes, but usually quotes are generated from an opportunity and inherits the opportunity's price list, so you might want to start there.

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    Monday, February 4, 2013 9:14 PM