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  • [HPCS R2 SP3]

    I'm trying to create a job that has two tasks: "Task 3.1" and "Task 3.2".  Task 3.2 depends on 3.1, so I wrote the following code:

        #Job 3
        $job = New-HpcJob -Name "Job 3" -NumNodes "*"
        Add-HpcTask -job $job -NumNodes "1" -CommandLine $command -Name "Task 3.1" -Stderr "task3.1-err.txt" -Stdout "task3.1-out.txt" -WorkDir $workDir 
        Add-HpcTask -job $job -NumNodes "2" -CommandLine $command -Name "Task 3.2" -Stderr "task3.2-err.txt" -Stdout "task3.2-out.txt" -WorkDir $workDir -depend "Task 3.1"

    As you can see, I have set the "-depend" switch of the second task to the name of the first task.

    When I submit the job, the dependency is not shown (please see: http://screencast.com/t/ZyVIxLWjkoI)

    When I query the task, it does show the dependency:

    $tasks = Get-HpcTask -job $job

    The output from above is:

    Task 3.1

    Is this the right way to set the dependency via PowerShell?  Why isn't the dependency showing up in ClusterManager?


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