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    my gateway notebook is a bit outdated when i got it out of charity.  suffice to say that the programs in it are a little bit rusty.  first, i cannot do powerpoint, then when i surf the net, it just show error messages, blips and closes the internet window automatically.  following the advice of a friend, i re-program my computer.  install the drivers, the operating system, the works suite, my printer.  in the end, when i browse the program menu, i don't have windows program in it which is a very important thing to me specially when doing my powerpoint presentations.  when i got the laptop, i also have a cd for windows xp professional, v. 2002 (quite opposite to old rusty laptop pf mine)  the thing is, when i try to install it and the pc ask for the product key, i couldn't type in anything because, only now did i realize that i don't have the COA.  i tried to contact the person who gave me the pc but i cannot trace that person anymore.  help me! i'm at the last straw of my patience.  i really need to keep this machine work as my job dictates me to do so
    Saturday, September 8, 2007 1:28 AM