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  • I would like to know where I can file a complaint with the service that I received from the Xbox 360 support. To tell you what has happened, I had an issue with my 360 that required a repair. I sent it in but when I received it, the console would not read my hard drive. So I sent it back and I had to include my power supply. When I received it back there was no power supply. One rep told me the power supply was still at the service center and they will send it out. After seven days of not receiving it, I had to call back and I would receive a call from a supervisor. He left a message saying they did not receive it and there is nothing they can do. I have called numerous times and same answer. Now I am out a power supply and I have to buy a brand new one. I can't return it to the retailer I purchased it from because not all the parts are there. I purchased a new power supply but when I receive it, I will return the Xbox 360 due to the horrible support I have received. Please reply with somewhere I can submit a complaint or pass this along?


    Sunday, January 6, 2008 11:47 PM


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    Monday, January 7, 2008 3:04 AM

    I do not like Microsoft anymore and if they do not fix my xbox this time i am no longer telling my friends to buy one. i also got the three red lights and i sent it in and they sent it back saying it was tampered with. so i had to call the people back and they said they could maybe do somthing by bringing in up with higher managment so now im waiting 3-5 buisness days to get told to F@*k off and just get another. it really disapoints me they cant fix a problem they should of had working from the start. if they do fix my xbox i would be a very proud owner and still encourage people to buy one

    Friday, September 26, 2008 2:59 PM
  • I had a similar problem with them. This is the whole problem with their customer support. I have had two 360's acquire the 3 red rings of death. After it had happened the first time, I was under the impression that you needed a reciept to get it repaired, so it just sat there, in the corner of my living room for months. About 6 months later, it happened again to a different 360 we had bought. Furious as hell, I called up the support center and told them what had happened with both of the 360's. The customer service person on the other line informed me I could have them both fixed under seperate work orders without a reciept. I explained to her that I was now jumping over to the Sony console and instead of repairing the broken 360's, I would just like some kind of refund on the two broken ones. Unfortunatley, this is not their policy. Look, the bottom line is this; I can produce so many reciepts for xbox related products it would boggle your mind. Two premium edition consoles(pre-price drop), close to 30 xbox 360 games at $60ea., we have 5 controllers in the house, two different intercoolers, a charging adapter for the 3 wireless controllers, 3 aftermarket guitars(Rockband,Guitar hero), a Gears of War face plate, 21 original xbox titles plus that console(original xbox) not to mention being xbox live gold members for four and a half years. At one point we had two gold memberships going. I have spent upwards of $3000.00 easy on their gaming products. That number is actually low-balling, it is more than likely closer to $4000.00. After the microsoft rep. saw I was upset, this is what they offered me: followed by my reply.

                    OFFERING                                                                       MY REPLY

    -we can offer you a real gift, like a free controller                       Why? I already have 5 of them,
    or something.                                                                               all of which I paid for.

    -we can offer you 3 free months of xbox live gold.                      Why? I already have one, and it's paid for
                                                                                                         Why try to give me something when I
                                                                                                         already have it?

    -we can send you the box (or coffin) in which you                       So, after I have spent thousands of
    would be returning your broken 360 in.                                       dollars on your products, the $2.25
                                                                                                         I need to put out for the shipping
                                                                                                         is too much to bear and is standing
                                                                                                          in the way of getting it fixed.

    This is what frustrates most consumers. They spend so much on advertising and on trying to get you as a customer; and when you do finally buy their products, they forget about you.
    Monday, October 6, 2008 12:05 AM
  • I agree with Eddie E, if you can't treat your customers with respect or stand behind your product don't expect them to stick around.
    I called because the wireless headset I bought didn't last two weeks, but didn't know that it had a 3month warranty or where I put my recepit. Anyways I still decided to call their help line just in case they happened to care enough to stand behind the products they sell. Instead I was informed that I should buy another one. Also, I learned that even if I can produce the recepit and it under warranty I need to submit it under my brother's or roommate's xbox 360 serial number, which is aggravating.  Just because I buy accessories because the majority of my friends have 360s doesn't mean I should be required to beg them for a serial so I can get MY accessories that I purchased fixed.  Even the supervisor (who also spoke broken english and needed to repeat things multiple times to make up for the accent) I was transferred to told me that I just have to buy another one or find my recepit, which took at least 10minutes of being on hold to happen instead of the 2 minutes i was promised.

    I will never buy a xbox 360 and am done purchasing acessories for myself or anyone else. I regret using the subscription card I bought a few months back for live and just activated last week because I do know where the recepit went for that I would have been happy to return it for my money back.
    Wednesday, January 7, 2009 8:43 AM
  •      I was blown away when I learned of the repair/warranty/shipping deal that Microsoft was throwing at the massive cases of failure of the 360. What a confident stroke by a massive company! My allegiance was cemented after my second call to the 1-800-4myxbox nuber resulted in my console being fixed for free! 
        To say that I have been shocked by the truth of the scope of the problem I would have; and MANY customers would have is putting it lightly. Funny how until I reached the point that the next time my console dies I will have to repair it at my own cost I was content to send it back when it died. 
        Now, after sending it to be "surgeried" twice and facing replacing/repairing it at my cost next time I am driven right back . . .  home. To the most powerful and beautiful system to date. A franchise I have loved for years, is a f'ing supercomputer, .. .. . . ... . . anyway.

    The deal is this. I have called the 4myxbox line for the last time. 
    I am SO tired of spelling my name slowly,   clearly,   constantly,    letter by letter,    all at once,   F**K! ! !
    No wonder there is no "warning" when you call customer service saying;
        "This call may be monitored or recorded for quality purposes."
    If the well meaning, franchise saving, lifetime customer making, F'ing pissed off customer making people at the 'Soft ever heard the calls their customers were making . . . constantly. . . .overeseas. . . .with frustration. .. .seriously. Come ON.

    A product at the top of its species' food chain must be able to
    -Stand on it's own and be dependable (shoes,lightbulbs)

    I'm still typing?
    What a waste of time.
    Those that know,
    Friday, January 9, 2009 7:40 AM
  •  Here is my problem after getting my console at Gamestop and having it for 3 months the unit is dead and getting the RROD so now I call up the good ol customer service to the 300 dollar paper weight  fixed. Now that I sent it out around Thanks giving I should get it back just before Christmas. That did not happen because the people that worked on it deemed it to be tampered with. And I am going mad now with rage telling them it was not and that they sent it without my face plate. they tell it has. So I am like just send me my faceplate back and I will try to get it replaced at Gamestop. Then they forward my case to some supervisor that has no idea on what to do to help me i am like listening to her but then I ask her on what to do to resolve this problem and she has the nerve to just hang up on me and tell the case is closed.that B$^&*%$&%**&.....
    Now I am soooooo disappointed in Microsoft that I think that I am going to file a major complaint on Microsoft for their shady practices on handling their customer
    Thursday, January 15, 2009 3:50 AM
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