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  • we bought our xbox elite two christmas' ago, and have never had any problems with it and have always been really happy with it's performance. Just before Christmas last year our disk drive got stuck half way out when ejecting a game. our over enthusiastic son thought he would help it on it's way and pulled the tray out, causing it to break the disk drive (2 days before Christmas). We checked our local paper for xbox repairs and found someone who was able to fix it for us the same day at a really reasonable price, meaning all our xbox games and xbox live we bought for Christmas were not going to be wasted presents after all. We went ahead with the repair and our xbox worked fine much to the kids delight Christmas morning. About a week ago my husband came to play his black ops game and was devastated to find it wasn't working, after lots of arguments and blame being passed onto the kids for not putting the games away when they have finished with them he went and bought a new game. You can just imagine how angry he was when this new game would not play too. Out of curiosity he went over to our neighbours house to try the games in his console, AND THEY BOTH WORKED... we contacted microsoft to inform them off this problem and according to their SPECIALIST our box must either be chipped, modified or we are using copied games. We have explained to them until we are blue in the face that the games are both originals, that our console is not chipped or modified, and has only had a replacement disk drive, they have now said that because we didn't send our box to them to have it repaired at their highly inflated prices they are going to restrict our use of certain games. When did these people get the rights to act as god and make these decisions when they haven't even checked these boxes properly, and why do they get to decide on who can play what games when we have paid our money fairly like everyone else. I think microsoft have acted in the most unfair and disgusting way ever, and i for one will be moving to a new games console from now on. When i add it all up i have spent over £1000 pounds these last two years on games, microsoft points, and xbox live, i certainly wont be giving them any more of my hard earnt money!!!
    Monday, January 31, 2011 9:38 PM