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    I use the SyncToy to synchronize some directories hosted on two server. Both server are connected to the internet via an ADSL connection. This connection is reset by the ISP every night at 3 a.m.. This causes the synchronisation process to fail. SyncToy shows an error message and waits until the user klicks OK.

    How can I solve the problem?

    I want all specified directories to be synchronized automatically. I know that windows provides task scheduling and this is the proposed way to schedule synchronization with SyncToy, but shouldn't it cause problems if the Sync process is terminated due to network failure every night, and scheduled at 4 o'clock (one hour after DSL reset)?

    Furthermore I get more and more of this temporary files (LKHSFD87JH564KGH.tmp) due to premature file fransfer.

    Wednesday, July 14, 2010 2:35 PM