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  • we have a connector for microsoft dynamics to integrate MS Dynamics CRM 4.0 - MS dynamics NAV 2009. During the connector installation some buttons and attributes and codes are installed into CRM. for example there is a "Submit" button when an account or contact form is opened and there is "Submit Order"  when creating an order to submit the order to NAV to create invoice for this order.

    When clicking the "Submit" button on account form 4 attributes that are installed/created when the connector is installed gets affected (dynamics_integrationkey = gets the value of account number , dynamics_isreadyforintegration = true ... and 2 more attributes gets value from CRM) and CRM displays a message ("Account will be integrated on next integration run.") Below is the code in ISVconfig and also customization.xml

    if(crmForm.all.dynamics_isreadyforintegration.DataValue == false)

    {crmForm.all.dynamics_isreadyforintegration.DataValue = true;

    crmForm.all.dynamics_isreadyforintegration.Disabled = true;

    crmForm.all.dynamics_isreadyforintegration.ForceSubmit = true;

    crmForm.all.dynamics_integrationkey.ForceSubmit = true;

    crmForm.all.accountnumber.ForceSubmit = true;

    crmForm.all.address1_name.ForceSubmit = true;

    alert("Account will be integrated on next integration run.");}

    else {alert("Account has already been scheduled for integration.");} crmForm.Save();"

     This is what change I see from CRM side and on the SQL server tabels too.

    I have imported about 7000 account records in to CRM and it is very hard and not practical to sit and click the "Submit" button for 7000 records. so what I decided was to go to the SQL server account table and update those 4 fields but the connector never picked up the integration.

    Does any one have any idea about as what else happens ? how do I check if there are more code behind the "Submit" button ? if there are more trigger sent to the connector after the integration ? where do I look ? we are working with international company we have only a day to complete this task.

    PLEASE help any input is appreciated.


    Monday, February 7, 2011 10:29 PM