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  • Hello everyone. I'm new to the forum world so I'll try to make this as clear as I can.

    I have an hp laptop that was using windows 7. I recently installed windows 8 and it was working fine for about half of the day. All I was doing was watching a video I had on my laptop, and the blue screen suddenly appears. It said it would restart on its own, so I let it sit there until it did (took about 2 minutes). Once it finished restarting, it booted up and asks me to login. However, after I logged in, everything just freezes. None of the keybored functions work, but I am still able to move the mouse. I held the power button to shut it down and tried it again. I've done this quite a few times. Everytime, it freezes AFTER I login. Each time I tried rebooting it, one of these three occured after logging in:

    1) It brings me to the start menu with all the apps, unable to click anything, mouse is still moving.

    2) Just a black screen, able to move mouse, but mouse is the loading symbol (circle rotating thing).

    or 3) A black screen with the taskbar at the bottom without anything on it, able to move the mouse.

    I've read other forums, but everything I find is telling me to download something. Well I can't even make it to the desktop without freezing. Has this happened to anyone else? Does anyone of any solutions or ideas to why this is happening. Greatly appreciated. Thank you

    Sunday, October 14, 2012 1:44 AM

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  • I upgraded my Windows 7 laptop to Windows 8, and I've been experiencing freezing issues, too.  When I wake the computer from sleeping, it is usually frozen, and I have to turn the laptop completely off by holding down the power button, and then power it back on.  It is really a pain.  I am considering going back to Windows 7 because I'm really disappointed by Windows 8 so far.
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  • You both were not asking it at the right place. Ask you question here,


    Good Luck!!

    Tuesday, January 29, 2013 4:05 AM