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  • Strange Part was that when I found the non-stop whiney fast-talking voice,  there were all these Glowing Reports by numerous, apparently Sane

    People, how they all were bragging about perfecting, and enhancing the Voice, and were comparing notes, and such Ravings were abounding about

    how One had Found how to change the Voice to lowder,  and another was very happy with himself because He did better than that even making it sound 

     something like Tiny Tim, and this guy was happy as a Clam all the more, and enjoying that voice as if,   as it oughta be if Microsoft is going to put themselves

     in your ears and subconcious,   be More like an Audio Book Reader instead of this low grade computer-voice  hack.

    You Had to  keep reading their bizarre praise & enjoyment stories of this endless Water Torture Talker one after another trying

    to find one who might give a clue how to stop him, and there were NONE !

    All were as into that Talker as kids are into Music & I-Tunes.

    So I didn't feel the oddball so much after reading that wonderful statement of the 1st woman and those thereafter in your column.

    I burned a better part of a  1/2 day finally committing  to kill that miserable voice off that  droned on & on & on reading  virtually Every word and

     piece of punctuation it got to seem to me.

    Very ridiculous too since No-One stays on one search page, or any page,  long enough for that fast talking monotone voice, who seemed to have

    Marbles in his Mouth, or a pile of Prune Pits in it,  to

     possibly complete reading every single words  in his non-stop highly irritable way anyway.

    And who is going to keep  waiting  to hear him out anyway, if you don't have to,  unless you're deaf, and, in that case, I realize

    he may be downright Saintly.

    That kind of Talker,  if belonging to a human, and  by chance  working near an Ocean  as a professional reader,  might

     well be in danger of having  kept at it thru a Giant Tidal Wave head down and oblivious.

    He just Launched off like a vicious take-over Pop-Up Loaded  Program  the split second a 5000 word page opened.

    All listeners full well know, 

    I knew & did tone him down, and exited him,   as long   as I cought the site soon enough,  and remembered,   to barely above zero volume, but

    I was getting quiet noises outta him like having a low grade Bee  in each ear that wouldn't fly out. Sometimes I'd have to concentrate

     on something with a deadline for example, Or forget to quiclky eliminate him.

    He'd  be aggrivated me the whole time, but I couldn't take time to deal with shutting him up since I could not find an easy way, and found myself putting up

     with it   dumb as that is.

    More like a couple of Killer Wasps ear bees for me,  and I know it surely sounds Like 'm imbalanced at this point. 

    I finally realized there is a search box after you hit the Start button that you can type the infernal

    words:  "MICROSOFT NARRATOR"  into and get to that tortuous voice, and virtually choke him out.

    Sorry for the Non-Question Rant, but, actually, my serious question is:  "How did he Invade my Life & Computer

    in the 1st place ?

    I'd have Never even tried him out, and he attached himself to 2 of my 3 Computers


    Is it attached onto an Important Microsoft program such that it's like attaching Pork to a

    Congressional Bill ?

    What do you suppose Happened, or that I did,  to be subjected to  this hard to find, and where to stop, Computer Voice voice

    that, at best, kept sounding like he had Marshmellows stuffed in his face.

    Even if I could tone him down, I wanted him outof there the worst way, and it hit me each and every day that he seemed

    to jump me..  It became obsessive just to have to know

    he was speaking away deep in lower intestines of my Computer And got to stay

    in there since there was no easy way to rid myself of him.

    I took a strong dislike to him quite quickly, and got more aggrivated that

    I had to take time to hunt him down.

    It is Microsoft, if any entity, I should calmly be slightly mad at I know.

    I realize you have to Speculate, and maybe even Guess, but please do guess at how he got started

    up in there..Please ?

    It seemed to me he  read commas, and periods too. Fact is for me,  It is was like he was  always around even if not coming from the

    Computer anymore, and I imagined I started hearing similar voices in the Supermarket, and such places.   I Have no history of Insanely imbalanced

    Behavior please  just so you know,  but this was a first annoyance of this Magnitude, and  like getting salt in an open place in my Skull every day

     for some strange reason, and I resented the fact

    to have to devote so much  time to rid myself of him thereby having to listen to that voice much longer since then you have a tendency to

    put it off since you can get more High Blood Pressure not being able, Quickly,  to put an end to it, and can't just then, drop everything, and

    search out this low growling voice, almost subliminal.

    Instead,  I'd have to set an unpredictable quantity of time aside just

    to deal with that.

    Time is really Money in my view, and he was like some kind of Darth Invader.

    I hope you will please venture an answer as to how he may have hooked into my 2 Computers.

    I don't want to hear him even remotely again.



    I placed e-mail here since clicking on your

    "Click here" gave me a pop-up saying I may loose my content if

    I clicked there Before Submitting the Question.

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