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  • I received an e-mail saying:

    We are the Europe award organizers here in France, This site www.skyrock.com in conjunction with government of Senegal have organized The Best Profile  Award 2012 signed my the new president his Excellency M.Macky Sall. As this award was to be won by only three members, We the administrators gladly inform you that your profile was selected among one of the three winners of this award.
    You have therefore won the sum of 850, 000, 00 Euro (Eight Hundred And Fifty thousand  euro )  which consequently won in the 3rd category.

    The promotion award is organized to encourage the users of Internet and to promote computer literacy worldwide.
    To claim your wining price contact our office here in France with your informations to receive your price.
    if you want us to transfer your money directly to bank account, send us your account details with a copy of your passport or any of your ID card.
    If you do not have a bank account send us your full name and your passport copy or any of your I.D card so that we can send you your money through the following means.

    1, Western Union
    2, Money Gramme
    3, Money Express or Coins Star
    4, Ria Tranfer etc

    As you contact, us indicate which of the listed means of transfer you like to receive your wining price of 850, 000, 00 Euro.(Eight Hundred And Fifty thousand euro )  
    here is our Email and phone contact. Email: ( francobureau@live.fr )   Phone:( +33787897350 )
    Congratulations from the Staffs & Members of Microsoft Board Commission. ©2012 Microsoft Corporation worldwide®


    Is this a fake or have I actually won?

    I received this e-mail on my skyrock account under the name of memories2magnets which is the name of our family business.

    I'd be very much delighted if you would e-mail me back as if this is true I will happily come down in person to collect.


    Chris Smith & Colleen Deer

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  • Of course its fake.  Microsoft creates and sells software, it doesn't run lotteries.  

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