What happens if I change which email address is my primary email alias? RRS feed

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  • (I'm not sure this is the appropriate forum to ask my question about MSDN or not. If it isn't, please forgive me for posting my question here.)

    I've got a MSDN subscription through work, which is associated with the Microsoft email address I'm using to post this question. I also have the email address through Outlook.com associated with this. And I've created an email alias through Outlook.com. The primary email address I'm using is in the Hotmail.com domain. The secondary email, the one that is an email alias, is in the Outlook.com domain. I know it is possible to specify which email alias is primary and I'd like to switch the primary one to my Outlook.com email. My question is, how will this effect my MSDN subscription through work?


    Sunday, November 8, 2015 1:45 PM