Why does Microsoft force us to validate, activate and reactivate XP or Vista ? RRS feed

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  • This is a question that I'd sincerely like an answer to as I'm not here to bash MS or it's software as I'm here as I want to know why I have to validate, activate and especially reactivate MS software.  First, I believe MS has the right to protect their software, no argument at all but why should I have to verify, activate and reactivate their software time after time after time ?  If I buy your software, you shouldn't be forcing us to go through this time after time, especially with a person I have to communicate with and can't understand as he lives in India and his limited English abilities makes it necessary for me to call back and hope to get another person I can understand.  This wouldn't be so bad if this wasn't all followed up with a 42 digit procedure which I find totally ridiculous and unacceptable.  Why can't MS find a secure way of doing all of this without forcing people to go through all of that ?  If I buy the rights to use your software, you shouldn't be forcing me to verify it's yours, especially on my time and at my expense through these ridiculous methods.  I'm mad, I'm upset and I want some answers as to what Microsoft intends to do to alleviate me from all of that, no excuses, none of that cheque is in the mail or other typical ways of ignoring my questions.  I truly believe that MS is capable of securing their software in a different manner or providing an option to this even it it involved the non resale or use of their software, providing personal identification and registering it in my name.  Come on, there has to be ways of Microsoft  selling me licensed software that would and could be securely verified, activated and reactivated without involving my time.  Make some suggestion, any suggestion as I'm wide open to anything but what you have now which means I will not buy anymore software involving your present procedures.
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