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  • I have been using my WHS for about 2 months now and I had setup some folders to access via the internet. They were working just fine but about 2 days ago I could no longer access my WHS via the internet. I ran the Repair Remote Access and it could not repair the connection. I am using a Linksys D655 router and I had not changed any settings on it so I didn't think it was router. I then checked with my service provider and they did block port 80 because of "Web browsers use Hypertext Transport Protocol (HTTP) to communicate with web servers. In addition to protecting bandwidth by preventing customers from running high-traffic web servers, we can stop many destructive worms that spread through security holes in web server software." This is from Cox Communication.

    Is there any work around that I can do in order to be able to access my WHS again.

    Well, now it is working again (this has been since I originally made this post about 30 minutes ago). Athough my WHS Remote Repair says my web site is NOT accessible form the Internet, but yet I can key in my homeserver web site URL and get the login page. And I can login. So I really don't understand what's going on now. I have also discovered that I am not using port 80.
    Sunday, April 5, 2009 4:12 AM


  • If Comcast is blocking port 80 (HTTP), but not port 443 (HTTPS), then the simple workaround is to simply preface your web address with https: (rather than http:) when typing it.
    If things were working as they should (read:  port 80 wasn't blocked), then pointing one's browser to http://yourname.homeserver.com is simply redirected (by the IIS installation on your server) to https://yourname.homeserver.com anyways.  All you're doing this way is cutting out the middleman (the redirect that your server would do), and getting around the port 80 block. 

    It's a lot easier to do that, than it is to set up port-redirection in your router (if it even supports that.)

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    Sunday, April 5, 2009 6:32 AM