Slow internet speed even with a fresh installation of WinXP with eith SP2/SP3 RRS feed

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  • There are three computers at home, two windows XP and one Linux Fedora. two/three weeks before, all the internet performance is good. i.e. open www.cnn.com, www.microsoft.com within a couple seconds to several seconds. .

    All the sudden, the internet performace on computers with WinXP dramatically decreased. I only about five MINUTES to open www.cnn.com if I am luck; usually it could not open the page at all; however, the internet speed on the Linux computer which is the oldest one is as good as before. I called my internet provider, and they tried to solve this problem but failed. they asked me to connect to speedtest.net to check the speed and I did. Two WinXP computers could not even open the page, but the linux computer gave me the speed performace as the provider described.

    I thought that there is something happened in one day two/three weeks ago, maybe WinXP automatically update something badly.

    I get my WinXP installation CD with I used before and reinstalled the OS and hope to get the intenet performance back; howevr, unfortunately, even with a fresh WinXP SP2 the internet speed is still very very very slow.

    I thought about the hardware problem, if one computer has such problem I may say it is probably caused by hardware, but all the sudden two computers with winXP having the same problem removed my concerns on the hardware.

    Anyone has the same expereince and any suggestions?


    Saturday, June 27, 2009 11:29 AM