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  • Threads such as this one makes me wonder whether the current system is open for this type of abuse, by repetitively marking non-answer replies by asker as answer.

    Maybe the forum owners will want a feature that, if a reply posted by asker is marked as answer, it would be entering some "waiting for review" status, and really become an answer if a moderator confirms it's really an answer.

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  • No. I just see that you abuse the forum system to mark "replies that is not really answer to anything" as answer.

    If the number of answer somehow could be used to reflect the accountability of an user account, at least it should be made to be fairer.

    You may not like the moderators here, while sometmes I do find them mark some replies that's not satisfactory to be answer (I think this is forgivable due to the volume of posts in the forums. I won't put names here, it's understandable some mods will take replies "linking MSDN / some other forum's answer" as answer. On such case it would be the responsibility of thread participaters to check the marked answer to see if the reply really answered the question as we have to view much fewer thread, and by replying to a thread, we've expressed interest to the question. We must do so to make sure there's best quality answers and we could try to have on the internet. ), at least I haven't seen a single case that they mark something that's not technical as answer on a technical forum.

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  • //sigh

    Please give me a reason how your post contributes as an answer to my question. If it doesn't answer anything, please don't propose it as answer.

    Thank you.

    Tuesday, April 24, 2012 2:11 AM
  • There is some point in my suggestion.

    The forum is designed to be a collection of questions and answers of Microsoft Products. When something is marked as answer within a technical forum, I DO want it to be an answer.

    Now if someone want to abuse that to give them better credibility (as shown in number of Answers provided in Profile), I'll regard that as abuse. If this continues without some way to regulate, there's little point of providing this statistics as well. I'd rather having no recognition point or credit reward system like the old BBS. The drawback is it's less attractive for people to provide help, but the good thing is that for answers from people who give help at free will in old BBS boards, an answer is really an answer.

    So to address your last thought, it's not really about what you think is an answer, rather than whether it is an answer. Try reply with only facts and add as little personal thought as possible, unless if you're asked for opinion on something.

    I'll clarify that this is a "feature suggestion" thread, so by defination only the following kinds of reply can be an answer to this thread:

    1) Moderators of forum decide whether to implement this or not;
    2) Other forum users suggest this feature is not needed or have important drawback, provided with plausible reason, therefore makes me withdraw this request.

    Only replies that can conclude the state of feature request can be an answer to this type of thread.

    Tuesday, April 24, 2012 4:07 AM