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  • I've come to like the features that are available on WHS just from what I've read and also started to test.  I would like to see some features incorporated into WHS that I've suggested to the Office Live team and think that these features could be implemented in a personal server product instead of a service.

    I'm still somewhat of a new user to Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 and have been tinkering with the idea and customizing a family portal similar to that of homeconvenience.com and myhomepoint.com.  I like WSS 3.0 for it's features (Calendar, Contacts, custom lists).  I think that MS could really roll everything into a custom WSS 3.0 portal for home users that has the same features as content management services like Office Live allows for WYSIWYG design with a back end for administering the WHS features (WSS 3.0 primary site and WHS website as the secondary/subsite).  This would allow for a customized public web UI with remote access to the shares and RDP connections.

    WSS 3.0 or Vista would need some sort of connector that can work in conjunction with Vista's mail, calendar and contact interfaces.  Outlook 2007 already can connect to WSS 3.0 features, but not all family members would necesarily have Office installed on their machines.

    As far as RSS feeds, they are already a feature of WSS 3.0 as well as blogging and a wiki.  This is a feature that appears to be requested alot in these forums.

    Friday, March 9, 2007 8:36 PM