my xbox console RRS feed

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  • Recently I bought a few 3 month live cards and started new accounts... yesterday while playing, my fun was interrupted my a message saying that my console has been banned from playing matchmaking ... I was playing Halo 3 at the time, and now I am unable to play it. I would like some info on how this happened and how  I might get the ban lifted; I feel that Iv'e done nothing to violate the terms of use ... Though apparently, after speaking to 2 seprate xbox live support pesronel, I've been penalized due to complaints on my profiles... I just don't see it as fair that I spend money to play, and just because I may be better, or worse than other players, I get banned due to their dislike of me.... I'm looking forward to a response and hopefully a solution. Thank you for you time
    Monday, January 28, 2013 7:45 PM