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    I have recived an e-mail (1) from the desk of vice president, 2010 Microsoft World Cup Award Promotions/ Prize Award Department, and I replied, then I recieved 3 e-mails which are as follows, also I attach the certificates given to me through e-mails, please tell me its true or fraud???




    From The Desk of Vice President

    2010 Microsoft World Cup Award

    Promotions/ Prize Award Department

    Johannesburg, South Africa



    Dear Winner,


    Final Notice!!! Final Notice!!!

    We are happy to announce you as one of the 6 Star/Lucky winners in our 2010 Microsoft World Cup Free Lottery draw held on the 11th of June 2010 at the opening ceremony of the WORLD CUP.

    Your EMAIL ADDRESS was selected among the 6 Star/Lucky Winners Worldwide for the South African Money Balls Lotteries Promotional Programmed based on the South African 2010 World Cup.

    Your EMAIL ID attached to LOTTO PIN NO: FL764 WITH SERIAL NUMBER 5388/02 WIN THE LUCKY NUMBERS: 18-1-45-2-34-25 Bonus 31 has won a total cash of $1,000,000.00(ONE MILLION UNITED STATES DOLLARS ONLY) this is from a total cash prize of £6,000, 000.00 shared amongst the (6) Lucky winners.

    We are proud to Say that over $100 Million are won annually in more than 150 countries world wide. The Microsoft Online Free Lottery award is proudly sponsored by the Microsoft Corporation, Toshiba, Dell computers, Mackintosh.

    You do not need to enter the competition before you win, our MICROSOFT COMPUTER will automatically select winners Email Address and you are so lucky to be one of the lucky 6people that the MICROSOFT COMPUTER select, you won because of your various visits to Microsoft web sites:

    Well, we have sent you email several times but you did not reply all our emails. Well, we have deposited your Draft with ABBEY NATIONAL BANK OF SOUTH AFRICA.

    Contact Mrs. Wendy Akidi immediately you receive message and provide this registration number PC0124475ABBEYZA to her to enable her process your payment. Provide the information listed below to Mrs. Wendy Akidi.


    (1) YOUR FULL NAMES: ................

    (2) YOUR ADDRESS: .............

    (3) COUNTRY: ..................

    (4) TEL NO: ..................



    the above required details should be sent to:


    (Mrs. Wendy Akidi)

    South African Fiduciary Claim Agent Office

    2nd Floor SABC Universal Building

    Auckland Park, 2006 Henley Road.

    Tel: 27-714 655 726

    Tel: 27-718 466 393

    E-Mail: resultdept2010@live.com

    E-Mail: resultdept2010@gala.net


    let me know as soon as you receive your Draft.


    Best Regards,

    Mrs. Maria Toloto.


    South African Fiduciary Claim Agent Office

    2nd Floor SABC Universal Building

    Auckland Park, 2006 Henley Road .


    Tel:+27 714 655 726

    Tel:+27 718 466 393


    This is to inform you that file for your winning funds amounting to the sum of US$1,000,000.00 has being here in our office since June 2010.

    Because you did not claim your award prize since June 2010 the lottery board committees took an Insurance bond on your winning funds : This automatically mean that your prize is protected by a hardcover insurance policy, which makes it impossible for a third party to deduct any amount from your winning funds.

    So therefore to enable the bank transfer your winning fund you will be required to forward urgently an account details where you would want your winning prize transferred into such as:

    BANK NAME:_____________________________________________

    BANK BRANCH:_____________________________________________

    BANK ACCOUNT NUMBER:________________________________________

    BANK ACCOUNT NAME:___________________________________________________

    As soon as I receive the above account details I will submit it to the paying bank for your fund transfer. According to the bank it will take 48hrs (2days) for the fund to arrive in your account in your country once the transfer is completed.

    Finally, We have attached the copy of your WINNING CERTIFICATE and INSURANCE DOCUMENT the original hard copies will be delivered to you by Skynet Worldwide Express.

    Skynet Worldwide Express is a well established company offering courier and transport services 24hours a day for priority delivery of letters, parcels and consignments to any country.

    As soon as the transfer is done we shall hand over your relevant documents to Skynet Worldwide Express to enable them deliver your parcel immediately. The date and time of departure and expected date of delivery will be sent to you.

    These documents will enable you defend any question that might come from your government regarding the source of the huge amount of money coming into your bank account.

    Please be warned that you will automatically be disqualified if we receive the same REGISTRATION NUMBER from another person so Please keep your REGISTRATION NUMBER CONFIDENTIAL to avoid being disqualified.

    Congratulations Once more.

    You must call me as soon as you send the account details.

    Truly Yours,

    Mrs. Wendy Akidi.

    Tel:+27 714 655 726

    Tel:+27 718 466 393



    To enable the bank proceed with your transfer kindly provide your account details where you want the funds be transferred into such as:

    1) BANK NAME:





    Mrs.Wendy Akidi.


    South African Fiduciary Claim Agent Office

    2nd Floor SABC Universal Building

    Auckland Park, 2006 Henley Road .



    According to SOUTH AFRICAN GOVERNMENT, all international transfer above $500,000.00 must be examined/authorized and approved by the SOUTH AFRICAN DEPARTMENT OF FINANCE before onward transfer to your bank account in your country.

    So ABBEY NATIONAL BANK has requested to we obtain an APPROVAL LETTER from the South African Department of Finance on your behalf before they can transfer your winning funds of $1million.

    so I went to department of finance to obtain the APPROVAL LETTER, after much investigation they find out that this is a winning prize money because I went along with the hard copy of your winning certificate.

    They gave me the APPROVAL APPLICATION FORM which I have to fill on your behalf and I have filled the form, now they have agreed to issue you the APPROVAL LETTER but they want the APPROVAL FEE of $620.00.

    I went back to the bank to get the required $620.00 from the bank but the bank refused to give me the $620.00 because your fund is under INSURANCE COVER.

    You know your winning funds was deposited with the bank for almost 5months now and there is no way the lottery board can deposit such big amount of money without an INSURANCE, the lottery board took an INSURANCE AGREEMENT BOND on your winning fund in your NAME on the condition that no other person should take or deduct any amount from your winning funds.

    In terms of the SOUTH AFRICAN INSURANCE ACT in section 49 to 54: no body will deduct any money from your winning funds any attempt by the bank to deduct the required APPROVAL FEE from your winning fund will be against the law and will make them loose their bank operating license.

    So therefore, you will be required to arrive here in SOUTH AFRICA with the required APPROVAL FEE of $620.00, I will take you to the office of the department of finance for the APPROVAL LETTER.

    But if you cannot be able to come down here in South Africa then you will have to go to any WESTERN UNION OFFICE in your city and make the payment.

    The information for payment through WESTERN UNION is at the last page of the APPROVAL FORM which I sent you. To make the payment locate any of the WESTERN UNION office in your city, visit the WESTERN UNION website on www.westernunion.com

    If you can make the payment today the ministry of finance will receive the money today and give the APPROVAL LETTER today and the bank will proceed with the transfer.

    I have attached the APPLICATION FORM which I have filled on your behalf and the document which the bank gave me.The only delay we have now is the APPROVAL FEE.

    Finally, please be warned that without the APPROVAL the bank will not transfer your winning funds.

    Thank you for your co-operation and understanding your urgent action towards the payment of the Approval fee will be your benefit.

    Call me as soon as make the payment so I can go and get the Approval Letter.

    Truly Yours,

    Mrs. Wendy Akidi

    Tel: +27 714 655 726

    Tel: +27-71-846-6393

    Friday, December 31, 2010 11:18 AM


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  • Please delete the email message.  It is 100% bogus!  Please review: Avoid scams that use the Microsoft name fraudulently

    Carey Frisch
    Friday, December 31, 2010 4:35 PM
  • It's fake.

    Microsoft World Cup Award ,

    Microsoft Annual Lucky Mobile Draw 2010,

    ALL THIS ARE FAKE...................................................................!

    If you check the email headers you'll see that they do NOT originate from MS - and also that any return email address does NOT go to MS, but to a disposable email account at a free server (in this case live.com, but I've seen similar for Yahoo.com, msn.com, hotmail.com, gmail.com, etc....).
    MS can do nothing about it except after the fact - and the same applies to any interested law-enforcement agencies.

    Sunday, January 2, 2011 8:05 PM