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  • Hi,

    Sorry, probaply wrong category, but didn't find any better.
    Could you please forward this to correct one … THX!

    I need to change the name and email address of one of our Office 365 groups.

    I succeeded to change the name, BUT how to change the email address???

    Let me clarify with an example …

    I have a group ABC and it has email address ABC@X.COM.

    Now I need to change the GROUP name ABC to XYZ and the GROUP's email address from ABC@X.COM to XYZ@X.COM.

    OR …
    Can I make the new name as an alias to the old address … HOW?

    Then I have GROUP with name XYZ and I can email to that GROUP with addresses ABC@X.COM and XYZ@X.com.

    If I create totally new Group with the new name (and email address), can I copy all the content from the old Group to this new one … HOW?

    THX from any advice

    Wednesday, September 26, 2018 5:43 AM