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  • I would like to use WSS 3.0 to host the modules created using LCDS, can you point me to information/resources for details on best way to do this?
    Tuesday, August 19, 2008 2:36 PM


  • There is a tool for SharePoint users called the SharePoint Learning Kit. http://www.microsoft.com/education/slk.mspx

    Otherwise, there are multpile ways to publish a course.  Either through and LMS or as a stand alone course.

    In the Help file of the LCDS, in the Publishing and Distributing section, there is a topic About publishing to an LMS and a topic Distributing a standalone course.

    If you are using WSS and storing your course files in a document library, please refer to the Distributing a standalone course topic. I've copied it below.

    Distributing a standalone course

    If you are authoring courses that you do not plan to host on a learning management system (LMS), or courses for which you simply need an additional distribution method, it is possible to distribute your course files. Using the instructions below, you could place your course files on a Web site for download, on a CD, or e-mail to select users.

    1. Open your courses folder. The chart below shows the path to the courses folder.
            Vista: C:\ProgramData\Microsoft Learning\LCDSc\courses
            XP & Others: C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Learning\LCDSc\courses
    1. Locate the course that you want to distribute.
    2. Depending on how you plan to distribute, you may want to zip or compress the folder with the course name on it; otherwise you can copy the folder to your desired destination.(If you will have users download the course from a web site or intranet site, or if you plan to email it to someone, zipping/compressing the folder will save on download time, and/or inbox space.)
    3. Your users will need to open the folder (if zipped/compressed, they will need to unzip/decompress before they open it), and then open the wrapper.htm file to view the course. Be sure to provide your audience with instructions directing them to the wrapper.htm file, as this will not be especially intuitive.
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