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    I wold like to know if it is possable for windows home server to have a.

    1. seagate 120gb a tape drive?
    2. dose WHM have IIS and if it does can I host my website on it. ie. 1.  my company website 2. my hobby 3. and other s
    3. i have 4 doman names ie. www.combeeit.net www.stationm.net www.lifgtfmministries.net www.mysgm.org
    4. i allso have hmail server  can i install it on it and all so scrialmail webmail
    5. i have 3 locations ie my home my moms and my office and in thoes locations there are 3 computers can thay be backedup to the server over the internet via VPN or VPN Modem router
    6. can WHM allso have AD ie Active Directory?
    4. can the DSL modem be conected to server without router and the WHM server do the ICS
    6. what is the best hardware if i where to bild it myself as i am a Microsoft system bilder?
    7. if i have a 1x 500gb Sata 3x 200gb ide do i need to make it rade 5 or dose WHM do it itself?

    If Some one can call me or PM me
    +617 55 96 60 73 Office

    thank you

    Manu Ngamotu
    Gold Coast Australia
    Friday, January 25, 2008 3:16 AM

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  • Your question numbering sequence is off, but I'll match it:


    1. Maybe, but the WHS backup solution won't use the tape drive. You could use NTBackup to move the WHS backup database to tape, but that would be unsupported.

    2. Yes, see the whiist add-in in the Developer forum here.

    3. Yes you can point all your domain names at WHS, as long as you have some way of telling your name servers what the IP address of your WHS is (externally) - dyndns.org or something similar.

    4. Maybe, but it's unsupported. A lot of people have been asking for a mail server built into WHS (see the suggestions forum).

    5. WHS only supports clients on the local LAN segment, in the same subnet. If your VPN client gets an address in the same subnet as WHS, it might work, but the VPN would need to pass netbios broadcasts (a lot won't do that), and it would still be unsupported.

    6. No

    4. Using Routing and Remote Access, yes, but that would be unsupported in WHS.

    6. Anything that meets the minimum system requirements and has Windows Server 2003 drivers.

    7. WHS manages the disks, RAID is unsupported. WHS has its own internal data protection mechanisms to duplicate data to other physical disks automatically.


    Friday, January 25, 2008 5:34 AM
  • Hi,

    1. No. You cannot use any of the currently available backup programs on WHS, not even Microsoft's own. None of them, yet, recognise the difference between tombstones and actual files, nor that extra drives aren't added with a drive letter. You can however, set up something like RoboCopy, SecondCopy etc., and schedule a task to do specific files/folders.

    2. Yes, however, note that port 80 is used by internal mechanisms of WHS, so care needs to be taken when adding multiple sites.

    3. You could either use dyndns, or similar. Or, point it to your homeserver domain which would have the advantage of having a valid certificate.

    4. Read through the Developers thread, there are quite a few paid or unpaid mail servers mentioned.

    5. Easy enough to back up other computers over the internet. Not supported by WHS itself, but something like Hamachi works great. Search the threads, there are instructions how to do it. However - try and do the first backup by local connection, because it's the biggest one and most ISP's have very slow uploads.

    6. WHS cannot be connected to an AD, not only against the ELU, but will actually stop working. However, can exist quite happily on a network that has an AD on it.

    4. Not a good idea. Do you really want something that wasn't designed to do this and is storing all your most important data being directly connected to the internet?

    6. Anything over the minimum hardware spec. Depends on what you want to use it for. ie., just backup, or feeding ten HD video streams. See in the Hardware section

    7.Raid is not supported by M/s, but quite a few people have got it working that way. However, WHS has it's own method of retaining data duplication across multiple disks, read the technical documentation that's available.




    Friday, January 25, 2008 5:33 PM