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    Please help me with VSTS test build task configuration.

    I've configured build in VSTS project and try to configure Visual Studio Test task.

    My code uses x509 certificates to sign some data. Current source code uses Windows certificate store as certificate store. So all my tests expects that certificate used for signature creation is loaded from Local machine\Personal certificate store.

    However I've failed to upload certificate to the VSTS instance. I'm not able to find such option. 

    Could you please help me with some additional information about Test task configuration approach that is used. I see that it has a lot of configurations that is related to paths and config files. 

    Should I change my certificate store algorithm for tests and rewrite them to load certificate from file, like in Java? This can be done without problem because I'm using test self-issued certificate and there is no security issue.

    But I'd like to know is it possible to upload test certificate to the windows certificate store before tests task will run ?


    Tuesday, November 21, 2017 10:54 AM