different envelope date on Outlook_web and on Outlook_on_pc RRS feed

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  • Hey there.

    Ages ago I've uploaded on Outlook old e-mails from a pst file.
    Now I see those e-mails in my Outlook_web, but the date I see in the e-mail list (I guess it's the envelope date) is different from the one I see in its body:

    So I've uploaded an old pst file on Outlook_on_pc and then I've added there my account for syncing the e-mail I see on web:
    1) in some of the e-mails got from that pst file I already see that date difference:

    2) in some cases, in the synced account the same e-mail (synced from web, not coming from that pst file) has different date on Outlook_web and on Outlook_on_pc.

    same e-mail on Outlook_on_pc:

    Is there a way for changing those wrong dates?
    I know it's not editable, but maybe there's a way to modify the ones in the pst file.
    And what can I do for having Outlook_web reading the right envelope date as the Outlook_on_pc? That should be a problem of Outlook_web, not of the e-mail, shouldn't it?


    Friday, May 8, 2020 9:45 AM