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  • D-Link dsl 604t router. The whs is connected directly by cable. The 5 computers are connected by wireless.
    Controller software initially configured the router and https access worked.
    After 2 weeks it droped out so i did it maiuall forwarding the 3 ports. It worked again.
    Then droped out a day or so later.
    I did it again yesterday and while i was there i used a laptop with an indenpendant internet access (3g).
    I loged into https ok. So i went home and tried it again and it worked.
    This morning i cant get back into it via https.
    Obviously something is unconfigureing the router, but what.
    Is it beause the whs is connected to the router by cable and the other pcs by wireless?
    Monday, September 8, 2008 12:27 AM


  • There are various possibilities, what may cause your WHS to be unreachabel via Internet:
    router based:
    Your router may
    • have a defect.
    • An exploit maybe used to reconfigure your router.

    Are the forwardings in your router still pointing to your WHS? (For https this is port 443.)

    Server based:

    • Sometimes the update of the assignment of the ip address on homeserver.com may have failed, especially if the router lost the connection to the ISP at some unexpected time and got a new IP address at reconnect. (I am just not sure, how often Windows Home Server does a refresh of that external router address via homeserver.com.) If your router supports dynamic DNS, you could get an account like on dyndns.org and use it as well to have a workaround name if homeserver.com fails.
    • The WHS could have gotten a different IP address via DHCP, so that the forwardings may not longer point to the proper address. Workarounds here are either a fixed IP address for the server in its network configuration or a reserved address for the server configured in the routers DHCP options (again if it allows).

    Best greetings from Germany

    Monday, September 8, 2008 9:32 AM