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    I recently upgraded my pc: new mobo, cpu, ram, video card, p/s.  I kept the same hard drive and optical drive.  After assembling the system and configuring bios, when I tried to start Windows XP SP2 (home edition) I received a Boot.ini missing error.  I repaired Windows using the CD-ROM, and everything seemed fine.  After installing the drivers for the new hardware, I attempted to use Windows update.  All of the updates (80+) would download, but they all failed to install.


    I can go to each update's download page, download it, and install it manually, but I cannot get Windows Update to do it automatically.  I have managed to download about 20 of the updates and this is really getting tiresome.


    I have tried everything on this list, but to no avail.  Please, somebody help me before I swear off Windows altogether. 


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    Wednesday, July 18, 2007 6:00 PM