Multipe Business Closure Calendars for multiple states RRS feed

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  • In Australia different states have different holidays. (This might be the case in other countries too) So we need multiple business closure calendars. For example in a workflow before we create a phone call record we need to check if the particular entity record in the context belongs to Victoria State (based on a field on the entity) and check if it is a holiday before create the phone call. Same way if it is New South Wales State then it may not be a holiday there; so we can create the phone call. How can we achieve that? I came up with a work around to use a prefix on the Name of each business closure day to identify the state. But I am wondering whether there is a better solution rather than doing these sting manipulations in the code.

    Sachith Chandrasiri

    Wednesday, January 18, 2017 1:14 AM