WHS2011 Launchpad connector doesn't start up, message: "Logging configuration cannot be loaded. Logging has been disabled" RRS feed

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  • I have WHS2011 installed and 3 clients. I have a windows7 x64 desktop as a client, there following problem appears.

    After I had to do a on/of button restart of my pc today.  Launchpad to connect to server is not starting up/appearing anymore.

    This is a very unpleasant situation, as it gives no acces to the files as on server directly from my computer. Dashboard and remote logging in are fine.

    I have already a few times uninstalled the connector software and re-installed after accessing the server via http:sever/connect

    But this doesn't make sense, My Pc is within the network, I can click on files I see under the server icon ..but clicking on these files within the server brings nothing. I can get no access.

    Trying starting up launchpad directly from "programmes"gives only a textbox mentioning: "Logging configuration cannot be loaded. Logging has been disabled"

    What do I have to do, to get this working again? Please anybody who can help me...as this is very annoying and uncomfortable working situation.

    Thanks in advance

    Sunday, March 6, 2016 7:38 PM

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  • Hi,

    According to your description, my understanding is that Windows 7 failed to start/open Launchpad with error "Logging configuration cannot be loaded. Logging has been disabled".

    On the client side which has problem of Launchpad:
    OpenC:\Users\%user name%\AppData\Local\Microsoft_Corporation

    Back up and then delete folders: DashboradClient.exe_StrongName_.... and Lauchpad.exe_StrongName_...

    Restart the client and confirm the result.

    Best Regards,
    Eve Wang

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    Monday, March 7, 2016 7:41 AM
  • Thanks for the quick reply and your suggestion. I appreciate it.

    A) I have done:  Open C:\Users\%user name%\AppData\Local\Microsoft_Corporation

    However this file is empty, nothing there to remove.

    Yesterday I have removed one folder there, and repeated the procedure to re-install the connector after accessing the server (http://server/connect)

    I found this instruction, with the remark that the correct folder would appear after the re-install procedure. But it didn't.

    So what do i have to do to get the correct folders there?

    B) When removing the Windows homeserver 2011 connector, to start re-installing. I only remove from "software programms" under "configuration screen"

    Is that enough? Isn't there any necessity to remove something more at other locations? Maybe something within the register? I'm very carefull doing anything within the register, but saw flawless suggestions passing by at the net.. that something might be done there as well.

    One more time, perhaps it gives you more direction how this to be solved.  the moment when the launchpad didn't appear anymore, was when I restarted the computer after I had to turn off the computer, by pushing the power button. This as the launchpad/connector was on screen, I had given in user and password and it was running to connect. But running for such a long time .. Nothing reacted.. so I had to push the power button.

    I look forward to your suggestion, thanks in advance


    Monday, March 7, 2016 8:24 AM