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  • We have a similar problem as this question by geordie_123 with our CRM 2011 appending ugly looking numbers to the subject line of each email it tracks. CRM can't stuff that info in an X-Header for some reason so I'm interested writing email router handler overrides. Does anybody know where I can go to get information on writing an email router handler override for exchange 2013 to find the crm ugliness stuff it into an x-header so the ugliness is transparent for our users then when it needs to hand it off to crm again it takes it from the x-header and puts it back in the subject line for CRM to do what it needs to do with it?

    We aren't using this for campaigns like the linked question by geordie_123. We are using CRM to track sales emails and support emails to our customers. Right now we are using the CRM for outlook plug in to accomplish the transparent crm tracking but the plugin often crashes, stops working, or doesn't get installed. We want to use the mail router in CRM to track emails. We tried turning on the CRM email router without using the CRM tracking token but it killed performance and was unusable.

    Thanks for your help, Chris_Cohen was the only person I could find out there that has a fix for our problem but he didn't go into much details only saying that it wasn't trivial. This is fine, I'm willing to figure out how to do it I just need to be pointed in the right direction. Thanks in advance for your help.

    I didn't put this in exchange help because it's really a CRM problem. If someone has a solution we can make to CRM 2011 to our problem that would be great. I'd rather not do any modifying to our Exchange server if I can avoid it.

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