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  • I'm looking to use WHS to backup and protect my data, including protecting from petty burglars. I therefore want to place my server 'headless' in the loft of my house, making a wired connection between the router and WHS extremely difficult. I am not going to rebuild 2 walls, 2 floors and 2 ceilings just to hide a network cable. I'm aware that wireless connection from WHS to router is less than ideal, but media sharing does not interest me at all. If I'm going to leave my WHS in my small ground floor study next to my 'normal' PC, I may as well just install another disk in my normal PC and use any one of a number of free backup programs instead. I have installed a wireless card in the WHS and when the WHS was wired to the router, the wireless card shows a connection to my network, but when I boot the WHS 'headlessly', none of my other PCs can connect. PLEASE - How do I make a 'headless' WHS connect to my router wirelessly?
    Saturday, November 28, 2009 9:44 AM

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  • Wireless connection of your server to the rest of your network isn't supported or recommended. you will probably find that doing this will result in very slow backups, and may result in frequent backup failures. In other words, there's a fairly good chance that you won't be happy with your server if you proceed.

    That said, some users have succeeded in configuring their servers with a wireless connection. In your case, I would first make sure that your server is receiving an IP address from your DHCP server on it's wireless connection, and I would make sure that your wireless router or access point is not automatically segmenting your network. (Many do, putting wireless devices on a different subnet or vlan from wired devices. If your equipment does, then you'll have to consult the manuals and manufacturers to determine how best to proceed.) Then I would make sure that I could ping the server using the IP address assigned to the wireless connection. Assuming that works, try running C:\Program Files\Windows Home Server\discovery.exe on one of your client computers.

    I'll also note that putting your server in a hidden location will make using the serve backup feature nearly impossible (how will you access your server to connect/disconnect an external drive?), which means that you won't be able to easily back up your shares and take a copy off site for protection from fire/flood/etc.
    I'm not on the WHS team, I just post a lot. :)
    Saturday, November 28, 2009 3:18 PM