Money 97 Works on Windows 8/8.1 64Bit RRS feed

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  • This is just an FYI for anyone interested.

    I have read several comments here that Money versions prior to 2000 won't run on 64bit versions of Windows. I have been using Money 97 (UK version) on Windows 8 64bit for over a year with no problems other than a couple of bugs that seem to have been there at least since when I ran it on Windows XP. I've also had it running on another PC under Windows 8.1 64bit.

    I have used Money since 1995, and absolutely loved the '97 version. I bought the '98 version and later the 2003 version, but found that they'd changed it to a more browser - based look that I didn't really like, so I stuck with the '97 version.

    My current database dates back to 2002 and all has been well until this week. It appears that I have reached some sort of transaction limit and it wouldn't let me add any more until I archived! I did this for the 2 oldest years and it's now working again, but perhaps I ought to finally bite the bullet and migrate to the UK 2005 version.

    I've already tried this, and it seems to work, though I can't make heads nor tails of the Budget (seems massively over-complicated).

    I'm actually living in Australia now and got by with just changing the base currency to AUD and using GBP for remain sterling accounts and investments. When trying the 2005 version, it seemed to be interpreting the current unit price of sterling investments as an AUD price. E.G. I have a unit price of a sterling personal pension as 1.70 GBP, but it seems to be interpreting it as 1.70 AUD, so a full balance report supposedly in AUD now underestimates the value of the investment. I suppose I could just multiply the price by the current exchange rate, but it's an extra hassle that wasn't required previously. Ah well... Probably just getting old and change comes less easily.


    Wednesday, July 16, 2014 2:40 AM