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    i would really love to see a mobile version of the homeserver website. (ie. m.yahoo.com)....either as an add-in or as a feature in a future version. (although sooner than the next release would be nice Smile  )


    currently on my palm treo, i can get to the regular server page but cannot log in. Plus even if i were to be able to log in, im sure it would be waaayyy to complicated for a mobile device.



    Tuesday, October 2, 2007 12:15 AM

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  • Have you looked at homebase? http://www.alekseibytecode.com/homebase  As long as your treo is windows mobile it should work.  



    Tuesday, October 2, 2007 2:47 AM
  • i have looked and even watched ur video but its palm os...sry


    i think though that if you could take the same idea and expand it to just a general mobile site instead of windows specific that would be exactly what im talking about. (although im not sure that including the blog is ideal. you may want to think about packaging them seperately).


    Tuesday, October 2, 2007 3:04 AM
  • Would be good for someone to develop something for the palm os... but the palm os is out the door sometime next year, the ceo said earlier today... everything is moving to linux, although, he has said that he wanted palm os programs to still work in the new OS. 


    I would not waste my time with a palm os version... no telling if palm will even be around... I hope they are...


    Although, I agree about the blog thing... I'd like to have something to just download my files from whs to my treo sd card....


    Tuesday, October 2, 2007 5:02 AM
  • I am planning on Open Sourcing the Home Base solution.  As such, several things have to happen:

    1.  I have to un-package SQL server from the platform since that would cause major licensing issues given SQL Server is not Open Source and if I GPL HomeBase it would require pure GPL foundation (though admitidly being an add-in for Home Server by definition means I have to reference non-GPL libraries).  In any event, what this will mean is that the download size will be reduced significantly, I am thinking about re-building the code with a FirebirdSQL Base (Firebird is LGPL and is very similar near as I can tell to SQL Server).

    2.  In any event, the current HomeBase solution does not require the Blog to be installed, its essentially an optional component.  Upon install, anyone with remote access applied automatically receives the ability to download their files and allowed shared files to their mobile device using the Mobile Client.  The only downside here is that it also admitidly causes the actual size of the download and installer to be larger because of the inclusion of SQL Server.

    3. At this point (obviously) being that the only client for HomeBase (aside from the desktop Blogriffic app) is built for the Windows Mobile platform this doesnt help those of you who are palm or other mobile type users.  I admit that this was a big question for me, do I package this with a web based client or do I do a real windows application.  I felt that the real mobile windows app had some advantages-- I am more of a proponent of rich applications in a lot of ways than web application, especially for Mobile.  In any event, making a palm client wouldn't be impossible, but for me it would be quite difficult since dont have a Palm device.  I think after I Open Source it, either a mobile client could be built for Palm by a developer with a Palm based device, or I could work with the community to design and implement a mobile website.  There isnt any reason why this would be dificult, essentially I am already using regular websites for parts of the Home Base platform. 

    In any event, I think that HomeBase will provide the base for this type of a implementation, and of course there are other features, which I didn't have time to include in this version, which will be added.  In short stay tuned Smile



    Tuesday, October 2, 2007 2:28 PM