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  • hey all-

    I am stuck with hooking up a tanjay phone - polycom cx700-

    I get DHCP
    I get both certs internal and external
    I get time

    When I go to log into the phone I am getting an error that says " cannot sign in, You do not have the necessary permisions. contact your system  administrator"

    I wiresharked on the OCS standard pool server and do not see anything helpfull. I do have Office Communicator on desktops deployed and working. I am looking for some help on where to look for logs or ?? Any ideas would be helpfull.


    I will add that I have tried all the suggested ways to login domain\user (which doesnt work) and am using the FQDN.local\username

    Monday, May 25, 2009 3:32 PM

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  • Scott,

    1. Tanjay MUST be updated to 3.5.6907.0 (1.23) or it will not sign to R2 environment.
    2. The user MUST be enabled for Enterprise Voice (even if Line URI is blank)
    3. Try using SIP-URI (user@domain,com) instead of domain\user.


    Monday, May 25, 2009 4:33 PM
  • We went through this for R2 and about 6 MS people because we had the Tanjay beta phones shipped to us.  So, there are steps out there, but they were partially incomplete/incorrect or made assumptions that weren't known.  We documented the following which worked for the 2 BETA phones we had in a pure R2 environment to get them to the current version.
    This is for a standard server.  Enterprise will be a little bit different (which is where those other sources differed as well).

    And you'd actually log in with your UPN (user@ad.domain.com), which may be different from your SIP URI.  The old Tanjay code seems to work best with the UPN as your use information.  Once you are at the interim release, the standard domain\user seems to be fine.

    1 - Make sure the correct "select" in wbemtest (do NOT use ENUM Classes / blank superclass).

                    1.            Click Start, click Run, and then type wbemtest to open Window Management Instrumentation Tester.

                    2.            Click Connect. For Namespace, type root\cimv2, and then click Enter. This enables all the buttons on the wbemtest user interface.

                    3.            Click Query, and type the following query:

                                                    select * from MSFT_SIPUpdatesServerSetting where backend='(local)\\rtc

                                    This query opens one instance of this class. Double-click the instance.

                    4.            Double-click the ExternalUpdatesDownloadURL and ExternalUpdatesStoreURL properties to edit them, and type the values for each property as follows:

                                    For ExternalUpdatesDownloadURL, type https://**POOL_FQDN**/RequestHandlerExt /ucdevice.upx

                                    For ExternalUpdatesStoreURL, type https:// **POOL_FQDN**/DeviceUpdateFiles_Ext

                    5.            Click Save Property and Save Object to save the instance.

                    6.            Verify that the Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) values are updated by querying the class as described in step 3. The ExternalUpdatesDownloadURL and ExternalUpdatesStoreURL properties should be set to a non-NULL value.


    2 - factory reset, login, wait for at domo error until files are downloaded (check iis logs for both files to be downloaded....<5 minutes)

    3 - manually reboot

    4 - watch/should update and ask for recalibration in a minute or two.

    5 - login again...you should be at the interim release (1.0.522.x).

    6 - now wait awhile.  It should eventually reboot itself and get you up to the newest code (3.5.6907.0).


    initial upload was using the interim update, no need for the R1 CAB file

    should not need wins

    should not need NTP assuming phones can query time.windows.com

    Thursday, May 28, 2009 7:00 PM