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    Whenever I view the status screen on the server, it says my laptop has no been backed up for ages (12 days and counting).

    Environment: Windows Home Server with PP3, Connectors all up to date, Windows 7 Ultimate with all updates.

    This is a bit convoluted, so please bare with me:
    1. Installed Windows 7 Ultimate on a clean disk with a single partition.
    2. Installed connector and backed up machine OK
    3. Created new partition on disk
    4. Connector recognised new partition but I elected not to back it up as it only has VMware VMs on it, all of which are backed up separately.
    5. Started getting error messages
    6. When using the console to view the backup config, I got an error saying there was a disk missing and that the backup was incomplete. C: was backed up OK)
    7. A couple of days ago I started to experience severe problems with Windows Explorer continually crashing, so I restored C: from the server
    8. Since that point, I have not been able to get into the backup configuration: I get an error from the "Collecting information" stage, saying "The computer is not online or Windows Home Server cannot access the computer's hard drive. Please make sure the computer is powered on anc connected to the network".
    Well, the computer is connected (I am using it to access the console) and the computer shows up in the Computers and Backup window.
    Viewing the backups says that they are still running, but are incomplete. The details show that a disk is missing. What information there is indicates that this is the second partition on the disk.
    Wednesday, January 13, 2010 4:42 PM

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  • I also have this problem. I deleted a partition, so my backups are all incomplete now. When I try to run "Configure Backups," I get an error saying "This computer is not online or Windows Home Server cannot access the computer's hard drive. Please make sure the computer is powered on and connected to your home network." I tried to create a new drive with the same letter, but the GUID didn't match, so it didn't fool the Home Server Connector.

    I see that, for some people, deleting a partition does not cause this problem:

    Where does WHS store the inventory of client drives? There must be a file or place in the registry we can delete the missing GUID to clear up this problem.

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  • The We Got Served forum offers a suggestion: Register your client computer under a new ID. Unfortunately, I think this requires that you change the network name of the client computer. I can't make that change due to domain rules and having software locked to my PC's node name. The details of this workaround are here:

    Other people are completely deleting all of the backups for the client, then registering with the server as a new computer. This is a terrible workaround to a simple problem. The point of having incremental backups is so you can restore files from a point in time. Deleting all of your backups whenever anything changes is totally unacceptable. You can find details of this solution here:

    Why do we have to go through such extreme workarounds when all we need to do is remove one GUID from the backup set?

    If you are experiencing this problem, go to the Microsoft website to confirm that you can reproduce this bug and vote for it to get resolved:

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