Indexing 6 journals in Microsoft Academic Search RRS feed

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  • On behalf of Universidad Politécnica Salesiana from Ecuador, we are wondering which are the requirements to include our six academic journals in Microsoft Academic Search.

    Our journals are the following:

    The next following numbers of 2017 will be bilingual (Spanish and English).

    Alteridad, Revista de Educación
    e-ISSN: 1390-8642
    ISSN: 1390-325X
    Website: http://alteridad.ups.edu.ec/index.php/alteridad/

    Ingenius, Revista de Ciencia y Tecnología
    e-ISSN: 1390-860X
    ISSN: 1390-650X
    Website: http://ingenius.ups.edu.ec/index.php/ingenius/

    La Granja, Revista de Ciencias de la Vida
    e-ISSN: 1390-8596
    ISSN: 1390-3799
    Website: http://lagranja.ups.edu.ec/index.php/granja/

    Sophia, Colección de Filosofía de la Educación
    e-ISSN: 1390-8626
    ISSN: 1390-3861
    Website: http://sophia.ups.edu.ec/index.php/sophia/

    Retos, Revista de Ciencias Administrativas y Económicas
    e-ISSN: 1390-8618
    ISSN: 1390-6291
    Website: http://retos.ups.edu.ec/index.php/retos/

    Universitas, Revista de Ciencias Sociales y Humanas
    e-ISSN: 1390-8634
    ISSN: 1390-3837
    Website: http://universitas.ups.edu.ec/index.php/universitas/index

    Best Regards,
    Angel Torres
    Friday, March 17, 2017 10:42 PM