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  • I have a HPC 2008 R2 cluster and want to have nodes of this cluster installed as workstation nodes, i. e. with Win7 Pro - the reason for that is that we want to do some stuff which requires a desktop OS. In principle I could install those nodes and add them as workstation nodes. However as the hardware is part of the cluster deployed to racks it is very annoying to install the nodes manually. On the other hand, HPC server forbids adding desktop WIMs. Is there any possiblity for me to deploy a Win7 image via the WDS of the head node? And does this method support a ZTI installation, which would be very important for me?

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    Wednesday, March 16, 2011 6:07 PM


  • The HPC Pack software does not support deploying client / desktop operating systems, as workstation deployment is often the responsibility of a different system admin than the one that owns the cluster - plus performing WDS deployments across the entire corporate network where the workstations are located is potentially dangerous! There is no way around that limitation.

    Additionally, you state that you have dedicated hardware running Win7 clients within your cluster rack. That's actually prohibited as well. The license for the HPC Pack 2008 R2 for Workstations software only allows for it to be used on desktop machines, not dedicated cluster hardware

    • Workstation Node. A “workstation node” is a device that:
      • runs a desktop operating system as its sole operating system,
      • is regularly used by one user at a time through any combination of input, output and display peripherals connected directly to the device, and
      • is not dedicated to running clustered HPC applications or providing job scheduling services for HPC applications.
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