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  • After an update from Microsoft my computer wouldn't reboot. I had to do a computer reset, which removed all of my apps but left my data files. After re-installing Money 2006, it wouldn't accept my password, the only one I've ever used.
    Thursday, September 14, 2017 8:06 PM

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  • Copy Sample.mny from your install folder (typically C:\Program
    Files\Microsoft Money Plus\ or
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Money Plus\
    with 64-bit Windows) to your Documents folder.  Open Money
    by right-clicking that copy of sample.mny and choose Open.  Migrate
    to the Portfolio.  Does it display?  If not, the problem is
    probably with your installation.

    If Sample.mny works correctly, your installation is probably
    OK. While in Sample.mny, go to Tools->Settings->ProgramSettings and set the

    Was your symptom that Money would not open successfully?
    While in Sample.mny, go to Tools->Settings->ProgramSettings and set the
    Open the problem file a time two.  Does that file open now?  If so,
    go to Tools->Settings->HomePageDisplaySettings and Remove the
    Investment Performance module.  There has been a problem where a
    lot of investments triggers a crash upon opening where Money opens
    to the "Home Page".

    If Sample.mny does not open successfully, then there would be a problem
    with your Money installation or your Windows settings.Install Money Plus

    Deluxe Sunset with the link in what is currently the second (sticky)
    post in this forum. Then put the patched DLL described in what is currently
    the first post in this forum into place.

    Make an extra copy of your backups onto other
    media in case you want to restore one that pre-dates the problem.
    You can switch back to your file by clicking File, and selecting
    your regular file from the list at the bottom.

    If Sample.mny does open successfully, you can try a
     File->RepairMoneyFile->QuickFileRepair.  That is
    simple, but it probably will not solve this.  Then try I would try
    making a repaired version of your file with
    File->RepairMoneyFile->StandardFileRepair level 2

    If it still does not work, try restoring a backup that pre-dates
    the problem. Try your newest, or second-newest or even older backup.

    Thursday, September 14, 2017 10:59 PM
  • Another item to consider, are you positive that you last used Money 2006 and never upgraded to another version? It is a typical response from Money to say that the password is incorrect when you try to open a file in a version that is from an earlier year than the one that last opened it. Your best bet would be to download Microsoft Money Plus from the link in the second sticky post, then apply the patch described in the first sticky post. Money Plus can open older files.

    Bob - MSN Mobile

    Friday, September 15, 2017 7:37 PM