Securely copy 400 GB data to external USB HD, and have verifications/validation on copies to make sure identical RRS feed

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  • Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit, Service Pack 1
    SyncToy 2.1

    I have to backup the first time to an external drive, about 400GB data. I had been using SyncToy, but when I compared checksum taken before I used Synctoy to checksum of the new copy, checksum reported many failures = many files in the backup do not match the original files. That worries me.

    For my main backup. I've been making full disk images with Acronis True Image. It works well and has helped me save many friends and family members from disaster when their drives died. But, it's not so convenient making full disk images now that I have over 300 GB of music. So, I wanted also a file-based backup.

    I chose SyncToy because:
     - it seemed to do the job.
     - was fairly easy to setup.
     - allowed me to set all options/config for multiple backup routines, save
    them, and then users can execute those backups just by clicking "Run".
     - I like the choice of Echo backup, which mirrors everything on my main
    drive to the backup drive.
     - Does incremental backup, so it will backup just files that have
    changed, overwriting the older versions on the backup drive.

    But, it doesn't do full verification/validation. The backup file sopies do not match the original files (fail the MD5 hash check).

    I'd like a file-based backup tool that:
     - is relatively easy to setup.
     - I can save my config and backup routines, and just run them when needed.
     - can do incremental backing up, like SyncToy.
     - is faster - do I want something that is multi-threaded?
     - does a proper validation/verification of the backup copies, to ensure
    that the backup copies are identical to the original files.
     - provides good, simple, obvious reporting to let me know if a backup was
    successful with no errors and with verification.
     - preserves NTFS file permissions
     - some level of GUI would be preferable, as it's easier to see if
    everything is set as desired rather than proofing a command line string.

    What can you recommend, based on those needs?
    Are there some key needs that I missed?
    I had looked at a few tools before I selected SyncToy, and some just seemed too complicated.
    I need a tool that lets me configure backups of just the files in the set that have changed, and verifie after copying to make sure backups are identical to originals.

    Thanks for your advice

    Friday, December 9, 2011 6:05 AM