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  • I am trying to use a syntax  that would find the records exist from Inventory or Sales measure group for the records in combination of color and location
    some sort of this preferences.  ( apparently this does not work with both measuregroup

    ([Color].[NRF Color Group].[Color]*[Location].[Location].children , ,(Measuregroupmeasures.("iNVENTORY")OR Measuregroupmeasures.("Sales"))))

     The things work fine for one measure group which is below


    Exists( [Color].[NRF Color Group].[Color] * [Location].[Location].children, , "Sales")


    This work but i do have a very bad performance hit on this




    I need some performance help or some query syntax that work for similar data.

    Monday, April 6, 2009 10:12 PM