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  • Hi,

    Very first very thankful for MS Sync service, it’ nice approach towards solving common problem with mobile apps, to sync user  data with server.

    We was analysing the MS Sync Framework for our requirement, for that we have few queries for you.

    Here are the requirement details:

    • There is Server database(using SQL server 2008 R2) which stores user data like
      • User Table[Id, Username,Password]
      • Book Table [Id, Title]
      • UserBook[Id, FK_User_Id,FK_Book_Id]
      • UserNote[Id,FK_UserBook_Id, NoteText]
    • In Client iPad native application there is local database (using sqlite) which stores user specific data
      • User Table[Id, Username,Password]
      • UserBook[Id, FK_User_Id,FK_Book_Id]
      • UserNote[Id,FK_UserBook_Id, NoteText]

    Now challenge here, we want to sync every user’s records from their local database to server single database based on FK_User_Id.

    We have tried simple POC, which sync successfully, where we have same table structure on both side, but it syncs all FK_User_Id records.

    Please let me know which will be right approach using MS framework, let me know if you have any sample codebase for same.

    Thanks in advance.


    Suyog, Suyog.kale@anzu.org


    Friday, August 10, 2012 7:21 AM

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