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  • My issue is regarding a setting with my backspace button that is not deleting my text when highlighted on MS Word 2003.


    I have just finished holding for support for over 1.5 hours without being given a resolution to my issue.  My first call was placed at around 9:15 PM Central Standard Time (7:15 PM Pacific Time).  I spoke to a female representative who asked me questions and gave me case # 1061903615.  She said she would forward my call to the correct department and the wait time was about 4 minutes.  After being on hold for an hour, I decided to call from my wife's phone while still connected on my first call on my phone.  I gave my case # to the gentleman that answered.  He said that my call wasn't even on the waiting list.  He offered to put my new phone call on the list and I should have a very short wait time.  He even said he'd make sure my call went through correctly.  Well, it didn't.  I waited an additional 30 minutes.  By this time, it was approaching 9:00 PM Pacific Time, when your support services close.


    Needless to say, I'm unimpressed with your support services.  I began to seek support through email only to find that there is a charge for that.  I like to believe that I'm a fairly understanding and patient person, having worked in customer service for some time myself.  However, this was a bit too much.


    Now, my only request is to find out what you intend to do to keep this from happening in the future.  I only hope that I'm the last of your customers that must endure this kind of service.

    Wednesday, March 19, 2008 4:59 AM