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    Hi Rafik


    This is with ref to using sql ce 3.5 device edition and making use of the ado.net sync feature which is going to be included in it.


    I have the following scenario as below:


    My development environment is VS 2005 and my Database is SQL Server 2005 (Enterprise).


    Now the requirement is to develop a mobile application which would run on windows mobile 5.0 and also to have a feature of synchronizing data from mobile database to the sql server database. I have researched on Merge Replication, RDA and ADO.Net sync and of the three I believe the best bet would be ADO.Net sync.


    I would also agree with Steve Lasker that I can initially develop the sync logic for windows using sql ce 3.5 for desktop and then move it to the device.


    But I have some more questions with ref to application development for the device.


    1. I have installed the SQL CE database on my pocket pc running Windows Mobile 5.0 by making use of the cab provided in the link below
    2. The location from where I have downloaded is http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyId=4CC8F083-6418-4587-9796-88436E117621&displaylang=en
    3. I am providing the link just to make sure that we both are talking about the same SQLCE3.5 edition (I am sorry I am bit confused with the number of releases available)
    4. I have also installed the SQLCE3.5 on my dev machine (Win XP having VS 2005) to access the API’s.
    5. Now can I start developing using VS2005 referencing the dll’s of SQL CE3.5 in my VS 2005.
    6. I mean can I atleast start writing win mobile based application targeting sql ce 3.5 (leaving apart the sync functionality)
    7. The forum below gives an way of doing it, just want to make sure this would be the right approach.


    1. I understand that there is also a way available to upgrade the database developed for SQLCE3.0 to SQLCE3.5 with an ugrade() method.
    2. So can I create the sdf files targeted towards SQL CE 3.5 and start developing db applications in vs 2005 and the later on include the sync functionality.
    3. Or can I develop my applications which are targeted on SQL CE 3.0 and later migrate to SQL CE3.5 so that I can benefit the sync functionality, is that possible.
    4. Also when is a target date of release for VS 2008 for development purpose


    It would be great if you can get these points cleared.


    Thanks a lot for all the help.

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