Some problems made the Academic Search API usable, is someone faced the same problems? Who can save me~ Thanks~ RRS feed

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  • 1. I need the reference information about a publication, but I found many publications' "ReferenceCount" is 0, I picked all papers of ACL 2010, about 96 returned and only  36 of them have a reasonable "ReferenceCount", other "ReferenceCount" all equal to 0. I know 0 is the default value, is this means the API can't support most of publications' reference info now, or I got some mistakes in my program?
    2. I only got 3 papers of ACL2011, is these 2 years haven't been collected yet?
    3. Is the result get from API and get from the website share the same database? It seems that data get from API is less than from the website, for example, the paper: Learning to link with wikipedia. When I search the paper via http://academic.research.microsoft.com, I can get References(16) and all detailed reference information.But when I get the information via json interface using the request: http://academic.research.microsoft.com/json.svc/search?AppId=myAppId&PublicationID=4242890&ResultObjects=Publication&ReferenceType=Reference&StartIdx=1&EndIdx=2&OrderBy=Year I get no reference result. Is the API can get the same amount data?
    4. The same request, some times I can get the right result, but I often get 10054 error. And some times I even get the result but the "result" area is None. This situation makes the API nearly usable. Is there something wrong with my request or with my development environment?

    Wednesday, April 17, 2013 1:58 AM

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  • Hi,

    Thanks for your interest in Microsoft academic search.

    I did try your URL http://academic.research.microsoft.com/json.svc/search?AppId=myAppId&PublicationID=4242890&ResultObjects=Publication&ReferenceType=Reference&StartIdx=1&EndIdx=2&OrderBy=Year

    it worked as expected. It gets reference data for all the 16 publications available. Yes website and API share the same database and the data should be identical.

    Just make a small change in your requesting URL EndIdx. set the value of EndIdx to 16 and you should be able to see publications related data as shown in the below screenshot.

    Please revert back if you have any further queries.


    Monday, April 29, 2013 1:27 PM