SensorMap V3.1.20080714 released RRS feed

  • General discussion

  • Major changes:


    - Access control of sensors


    Security mechanisms have been deployed to protect data from unauthorized

    access. Sensors can be specified as private, protected or public. Each

    sensor has an owner and an associated group. Private sensors are

    accessible only by their owners. Protected sensors are accessible by

    their owners or other users in the associated group.


    - Direct overlay of graphs


    The previous version always converts graphs to tiles before overlaying

    them onto the map. We now support direct overlay of graphs over 2D maps,

    which reduces response time from tens of seconds to several seconds. By

    default, graphs are directly overlaid on top of 2D maps. For users who

    wish to overlay a graph over 3D maps, they can change visualization

    output type to "tiles" to convert graphs to tiles, and then switch to 3D

    mode as before.


    - More interpolation algorithms


    The previous version uses Simple Kriging as the interpolation algorithm

    during contour map generation. We now support two new algorithms:

    Ordinary Kriging (more accurate but slower) and Inverse Distance

    Weighting (faster but less accurate). Ordinary Kriging is used by

    default. Users can use "Management Visualization -> Settings ->

    Interpolation Method" to change to another interpolation method.


    Minor changes:


    - Fix the following bug: graph tile layer disappears when switching to

      Virtual Earth 3D




    Monday, July 21, 2008 6:28 PM